My Journey Through the Lens.

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"A Picture is worth a Thousands Words." 1911 - Tess Flanders

Almost anyone can take a picture now a day.  From point & shoot cameras, cellphones, tablets, DSLRs and many other devices.  The world is captured a million times each day.  All to be stored, processed, posted, or shared all over with today's digital age.  Life is captured.

Long lost are the days of Photography being a tried & true art form.  Before very few could master the art of taking the shot.  Days past when a signal shot could capture the soul, the essences of the subject.  When one picture would evoke such emotion to move you to tears, fill you with happiness, evoke rage, or place a smile on your face.

When images that are captured could make your family remember times of past, lost loved ones, happier times, or just fond memories.

You take that one picture, that one perfect shot.  The one that holds the essence of what you are trying to capture.  When you see your clients face as the hold the picture to them, no sound is made, the face says it all.  That all your hard work, the thousands of practice pictures over the years, all the things you did to get to this point in your career.  Just to see the look on their face, that this is the image they wanted, they needed to see.  There is no greater feeling then that.

Duck faces, pouty lips, pictures of you half eaten food, or your drunken parties is not photography, they are just pictures to be lost in the digital roads.

Photography is an art, an art that takes time, practice, patience, and discipline.  It has its own set of rules, and subtitles that photographers need to master to get it right.

This is my journey through the lens, as I work through the ins & outs of photography.  


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